Speaking of NIL, How Much…

$$ are our coaches dealing with in total for our program? How much do they have to work with when dealing with these FB players and their circle? Would be interesting to see how much total NIL we have vs say Ole Miss or LSU? I know Texas, A&M, etc have more, but what’s our competition have?

I’ve posted this before, was told by someone (who everyone on here considers an insider), if AR coaches really want a player, they won’t be outbid on a NIL deal.

I think that is true enough but the key factor is getting value from that individual and somehow keeping all of the team happy and working together. It says performance matters and participation trophies not so much–that is the where the rubber meets road in my mind. These are 18-20 years without much real world experience seeing big $ and driving the discussion . Sadly the so called adults are not engaged and this is the level above the coaches. Sports mirror society.

Hopefully then, we will start wanting a few play ready 5 stars, and a truck full of bigtime transfers. We need to up our ‘really want ’ list. If that’s the case.


Tell your insider source that’s a complete BS answer

Its not my insider source, its one of yours

Then tell him for me, it’s a BS answer. Thnx

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