Speaking of broadcast monies

Apple is reported to be likely bid winner for streaming rights to NFL Sunday night games this fall. $3B is the price tag. I can see this spilling over to college too in time if losers bid up for broadcast coverage for their platforms. Not just ESPN or FOX these days as Amazon is also a player for streaming platforms. Tech has big revenue bucks and little debt so hard to outbid.

Just another sport that will lose my viewership. I’m not paying multiple streaming services. Everything these days seems to require a fee.


by the time you pay for amazon;discovery+,fox nation(or another one)plus ESPN and the Disney bundle peacock and any other…its adds up to almost being tied to cable/satellite again

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I understand Marty.

BUT what are we going to do when the Hogs play on Apple+ OR the Heinz 57 variety??

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I have most of those, plus DirecTV. Costs me almost as much as my summer electric bill. So sick of it, but it ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

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Like never maybe??

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Apple has asked to get in on the Big Ten media negotiations, so it could happen sooner rather than later.

Radio may just make a comeback at my house.


Exactly, Mike, but I will pay what I have to pay to watch the Hogs. I wish someone was streaming the hoop Hogs in Spain and Italy. I would definitely pay for that.

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I saw that. I think this $ is reason ND has not voted yet. Sad one school has that national media brand but they do it seems.

I think ND will only join any conference if they have absolutely no choice, and money isn’t necessarily what will give them no choice. The things would be:

  1. They have no pathway to the playoffs as an independent;
  2. NBC drops them or lowballs them when it’s time to renegotiate;
  3. Megaconferences leave them without any way to have a decent schedule thanks to 9-10 conference games.

If I’m robbed maybe not.

But here are the facts, College Football is changing so we must to change or adapt.

And 4, which I was reminded of today: The ACC implodes, leaving all of ND’s nonfootball/hockey sports high and dry.

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