Speaking of Brandon Hands of Stone Martin

Or Brandon ‘Money’ Martin if you prefer. What is going on with him and hitting the field? Is his back still hurt? Does he not know the play book well enough? He was supposed to be a BIG TIME WR. What gives?

Key word “supposed”.

I have no idea why everyone gets worked up over a juco transfer. They rarely contribute until late in the season their first yr.

He suffered a hamstring injury the week of the TCU game.

A friend of mine is a former college basketball coach and he told me it usually takes about three quarters of a season for JUCO players to get acclimated to the higher level. In looking back over the football players who have come to Arkansas, that seems to be accurate most of the time, too.

There is an increase in personal responsibility from JUCO to the SEC that you have to take into consideration. That was where Michael Smith seemed to be most upset with Brandon Martin early in the preseason when he spoke about his lack of playbook knowledge and his off-season weight gain. In JUCO, it’s really only about football for about four or five months. Players get to go home for a month at Christmas and many get some time away in the summer. It’s an adjustment for some when they see what a year-round grind looks like.

I do think he will be a star on this level at some point and it is very important to remember he is a SOPHOMORE and not a junior because he redshirted as a junior college freshman.

He was recruited by Alabama, Louisville, Miami and many others as being committed to both Auburn and LSU at one point.

So if he doesn’t turn out to be a great one, some of the best coaches in the country will have misevaluated him