Speaking of ASWho...

How the heck did they get Miami (yes, the U) to play a road game in Jonesboro this weekend? I guess they got a home and home and played down there in 2014. They got Misery to play in Jonesboro a few years back, but this is a much better scheduling achievement. Now let’s see if they can play as well as they did at Nebraska.

I think Miami is quite a bit better than Nebraska. I’ll be surprised if the score is that close.

Miami has shown that it’s not afraid of going on the road to play small schools. It went to Appalachian State last year.

Seems like there is more of this lately, like us traveling to Colorado St. next year. I wonder it is due to all the conference re-alignment that went on a few years ago? Or a push to not schedule FCS teams?

We are probably going to be ripped next year nationally for our OOC schedule, when originally we had aTm on the schedule as a non-conference game, then Mich when aTm joined the SEC, then having to settle for a trip to Colo St. when Mich backed out.

The series was scheduled in 2013 when Miami needed a game for 2014.

In return, Arkansas State got Miami to agree to play in Jonesboro in 2017

It was such a big deal for Michigan to back out that I think most national writers will take that into account.

The U will be asking AS-Where? Culture shock gotta be worth at least 10 points for the Injun Wolves.

Miami doesn’t draw very well at home. At least it didn’t used to. Perhaps it’s done better lately, but they don’t lose as much money playing away as an SEC team.

Miami averaged about 58,500 in 2016. That was up 11’000 from 2015.

Colorado St. is more of a big time program than they used to be. I wouldn’t sneeze at that game next year. They just opened up a brand new stadium that seats in the 40k range I believe. They blasted Oregon St in their first game before losing to Colorado in the second. The Big 12 should have invited them to join their conference but the Big 12 isn’t known for smart decisions.

No team’s schedule will ever get “Blasted” for having Colorado St. on it, especially if you are going there to play.

OSU melted in the second half in Fort Collins. It was warm - no hot, and that around 5,500 feet. It will be the same when we come here. If we come in with a W already on the board for that game, we may have to erase it. Just saying.

CU was able to beat them (both live at 5,000 + feet) with there speed and depth (there is that speed word again). Before that, they had won several games in a row and was scoring around 50 a game. Be interesting to see how they come back after losing to CU.