Sparty giving Mel Tucker $95 million

I think we can probably scratch him off the LSU/Florida/whoever lists.

Really will put Michigan in a tough spot with Harbaugh or his replacement. They will likely overpay just for appearances sake. Can’t let people think that MSU cares more about football than the folks in Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh took a pay cut from $8M to $4M with a bunch of incentives this year. So they were overpaying to begin with.

If Harbaugh sticks around (who knows) that contract will likely get re-done again. If they hire someone else the new guy won’t get Mel Tucker money, but he will get a lot more than he would have before MSU went all Jimbo Fisher on the Big X.

With Harbaugh taking the cut, the two top Big 14 coaches are James Franklin at $7 million and Ryan Day at $6.6M (with a $28.4M buyout). Mel’s current salary is $5.6M, still quite a bit more than Captain Khaki’s reduced pay. And JH’s not gonna get a new deal until he beats That School Down South.

Why is Mel Tucker worth 9.5 million per year.

He has three years as a head coach, with an overall record of 16-13.

Probably is a good coach, but $95 million is a big damn investment with so little proven return.

You’re overpaying to avoid not only the headache of a new search but the loss of momentum for the program. If the program trends down so does the revenue. It’s truly an investment.

Well, Tucker went 2-5 last year with Dantonio’s leftovers, and is 9-1 this year. So he either coached up the leftovers like crazy, or rebuilt the roster (and we know he added the RB Kenneth Walker who is getting some Heisman hype), or both. And the fact he did it that quickly makes him very attractive to schools who want the same kind of instant turnaround. So pay him now or let LSU or somebody else pay him. Evidently Sparty has a couple of deep-pocketed boosters who think enough of Tucker to basically pay him themselves.

He is either great at what he is doing or caught a lightening in a bottle situation. His record this year in that conference is impressive for sure. They have the advantage of seeing how he relates with the players and coaches, so that lessens the unknowns and they knew he was going to get some big offers.

We have been quick to get distracted with a couple of “what if” moments around here, and several are comfortable playing along, wondering about beating OM and presuming that might have pushed us over the edge vs Auburn.

If so, and we are 9-1 right now, we damn sure would be doing everything possible to insure Pittman didn’t leave. And, I suspect few coaches are more vocal about “being happy here” than Sam. I’m down with them investing in a coach they believe in, presuming that attracting “the best of the best” to Lansing is a touch harder than at Ann Arbor.

I might not break the bank to keep him if I were the AD, but I would know I’d be running the risk of losing him and having to start over. The fact that the boosters are essentially paying his salary is at the same time unsettling (inmates running the asylum, etc.), but also means the university is not on the hook for that huge contract.

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