Spank That Bevo Butt!

Ataboy diamond Hogs! Can we all agree to hate Texas again tomorrow…and the next day…and the next…? Wish I were in Austin tonight at a watering hole with my hog hat on!

It’s always fun to cheer against & hate the neutered bovines.

By the time I was old enough to walk and talk I already knew that I was suppose to hate Texas! There’s not a day that passes without some sort of reminder. My 10 year old daughter was born at halftime of an Arkansas vs Texas game game and I was proud of new baby girl but the icing was out on top of it with the win over the horns.
I hate Texas.

I was at a watering hole last night with a small “watch party” group. We always call the Hogs when they win, regardless of game or opponent. Keep in mind, this is in Dallas, and we always get some sideways looks when we do it.

Actually got to call them twice last night (Baseball and NIT). But it’s always a little sweeter calling them after we beat the Horns.

Talk about a Great Day, yesterday i made my first Hole In One after 30 years of playing! Then we just kick the crap out of the hated Longhorns and then beat Providence at their place without our best player! What a day !