Spanberger's had a couple of nice games

During this tournament. I was disappointed in that strikeout. :slight_smile:

Fair to middlin’. He’s had a couple of nice at-bats. :lol:

Shouldn’t he have to run laps after that last strikeout? :smiley:

Absolutely. Can’t allow any slacking. :smiley:

Before those last two strikeouts, he had reached base 15 times in his last 21 plate appearances with 7 home runs, 3 doubles and 5 walks. Incredible.

The last two strikeouts were planned by he and DVH so LSU will pitch to him tomorrow. Masterful plan. :wink:

I’m not concerned about the 2 k’s at all. The whole team had some great swings aginst the gators! I hope Spanberger hits at least one hr today!