Despite his two big hits this series, he sure seems to have slumped lately. He’s struck out a bunch over the past 3 days. In fact, the whole team other than Fletcher seems to have cooled in the batter’s box over the past 2-3 series. Are they pressing too hard? Is it my imagination?

I sat in the stands one game last weekend, so I got a different angle of Spanberger’s swing than I usually do. It didn’t look right - almost like he wasn’t trusting his normal swing. That happens with hitters. They just have to work through it.

Oh well, Never mind. Nice HR, Chad. :smiley:

I didn’t see it, but apparently he ripped one over the wall last night in the first inning that was about six inches foul, plus two dingers that counted this weekend. Maybe the swing is coming back.

That’s the thing with Spanberger: he can slump, but he is so strong that he can do damage when he does get ahold of one. That home run today wouldn’t have been a home run for most. He had to go real low to make contact.

Adds another that almost took out an airplane. Swung so hard it ripped the buttons on his jersey. Just a beast.

I need to complain about his hitting more often. :slight_smile:

His two home runs to left field have been almost identical. Both came on 3-2 counts with 2 outs in the inning, and both were wind-aided. Chad said following Thursday’s game that he noticed the wind blowing that direction and was intent to get the ball up in the wind. I would bet that was the idea with the second one today.

That is good strategy by Chad, but it sure isn’t a simple thing to actually do. Great job of hitting by the young man.