Spanberger to the Rockies

In the sixth round. How far will the ball go at that elevation…

Not sure how the field is oriented, but I’d say cars in Boulder or Colorado Springs might get a ball through the windshield.

Not just in Denver, but several of the Rockies’ minor league affiliates are in places with elevation.

Matt is there any chance he comes back to school?

No. He loses all leverage after this year.

Well he is gone.

Spanberger plans to report to the Rockies’ offices either this weekend or early next week.

Matt: why would a hot slugger like Spanberger not have gone higher than 6th round in the draft? Is he not as good a fielder?

The thing to remember about Spanberger is that he was a fringe top 10 round pick a couple of months ago. He slugged his way up a few rounds, if not more.

He has the power and has improved his ability to hit for average, but he still struggles some with off-speed pitches and strikes out quite a bit. He is a good hitter, but not an elite one.