Spanberger struggles at the plate

I’ve been concerned about the number of strikeouts lately. He seems to be hitting a bit better tonight–at least through 3 at bats. I feel reasonably good right now about playing again in this tournament. I’m cautiously optimistic with an 8-0 lead. Cautiously.

Edited: excuse me. 9-0 lead.

Make it 9-0. Where were all these hits this afternoon?

Is there a mercy rule in this tournament? I’ve seen some mercy rule games in other conference tournaments today, including Misery State.

Spanberger is absolutely my least concern.

Let’s hope he continues to struggle like that! lol!

Yes, 10 runs after seven innings.

My post was tongue in cheek. I had voiced some concern about his strikouts dthe A&M series just before he unloaded with some really big hits. I meant to complain about his hitting this morning–just to be sure he hit big again. Apparently my oversight didn’t hurt him. At least he overcame it tonight.

I’m worried about over exertion from all those home run trots. Hope he doesn’t pull something or take too many congratulatory pats on the back. Rough night for the kid.

Spanberger set 2 records tonight. I’m worried about Koch. Catching almost every game this year may have taken a toll on him physically. He was no factor at all this morning and he had chances to drive in some runs.

That’s true… Glad 'Gosser relieved him some tonight