Southwest Classic Ticket Sales

Anybody heard how ticket sales are for this years game?
I’ve been the last 5 years and have gradually noticed more A&M fans than Arkansas fans.

In looking at the ticket sites, it appears Texas A&M has sold quite a bit more than Arkansas this year. Below is a look at the availability remaining for Arkansas. The darker the shade of red, the higher the availability.

It should be noted that Arkansas does not track Texas A&M’s ticket sales, so the gray on the A&M side is irrelevant in that graphic. I tried to pull up a similar one from A&M’s site, but it would probably take 10 screen shots based on the way its ticket site is structured; nothing as cut and dry as Arkansas.

Hopefully this game gets moved back to campus soon.

The contract runs through 2024.

It will be here before you know it

The contract may say through 2024, but I figure at some point both sides will say it’s easier to sell tickets in the season package for their home schedule. If Arkansas decides it is going to keep playing one game in Little Rock, that every other season of losing a Fayetteville game may come to an end. When Arkansas has another 5,000 premium seats in revenue, perhaps playing in Fayetteville every other year makes some better financial sense.

IIRC, the deal is that Jerry is guaranteeing both schools X amount of money and recouping that with the higher ticket prices, is that correct? If so, and either/both schools are not holding up their end by buying enough tickets, he may just say he’s had enough. I know the Aggies want out anyway. If Jeff decides we’d be better off having the A&M game every other year to help attract/hold the club seat holders in RRS, the Ags wouldn’t complain a bit to get out of the deal before 2024.

Yes, both teams are getting between $3 million and $4 million per game to play there.

I don’t think this game is going to be moved from Arlington before the contract ends, unless Jeff Long leaves Arkansas before then and the next AD has a different view of the game. Based on my conversations with Jeff, he has pretty well dug his heels in on keeping the game there. His standard response is something along the lines of, “Texas A&M signed the contract. We intend to honor the contract.”