Southern Miss game 2 starter?

Who will they throw tomorrow against us?

maybe Walker Powell who is from F’ville.if not probably Stevie Powers … mcume.html

Powell’s a 6-7 sophomore right-hander who’s made 15 starts with a 7-2 record and has a 3.53 ERA, giving up 86 hits, 34 runs (31 earned), 14 walks and 58 strikeouts. Teams are hitting .287 against him.

It should be a good game no matter who they start. I watched them play DB and they are pretty sound. I just hope we are able to get some early runs! The hogs played solid defense today they will need to continue the leather work.
I’m glad they used their #1 guy tonight he looked as if most of his pitches were out of the zone but batters still took the cuts at them. He is tough!

USM can hit the ball 7 LH hitters in the lineup but weren’t bothered at all with the LH pitcher DBU brought in.Murphy will have to bring his A+ stuff to shut them down…

It’s obvious So Miss has some pop, but that’s not surprising from a #2 seed. I’m sure Powers is a good pitcher, but he’s not Sandlin. DB couldn’t touch that guy last night. I feel better today than I did watching them last night. Murphy is a good pitcher, too, & as good as USM might be, they’re still not one of the top 16 teams in the country.

USM is ranked #14.I think we need to get on them early and hopefully Murphy can locate the ball down and keep it in the park.We need to take care of them tonight for sure.

D1 had them ranked 9 in early May, dont get that certainly not top 16 quip. They were a regional host last year and this year’s USM team is better. Gotta lace em up tight and don’t grip the bat too hard. Both teams were great yesterday and will probably carry the confidence into today. Last bats could be the decider if lots of pitches are thrown. … 15904.html

I didn’t say they weren’t good, but to the extent such things can be determined, they are simply not top 16. They’re not hosting for a reason. They fell out of the top 9 since early May for a reason. Not saying they can’t win or won’t outplay us, but right now, they’re not top 16. They might be next weekend, but not today.

But they are top 16, they are ranked 14 in the d1 poll and as high as 10 in the nation in the perfect game poll. So yes, they are top 16.

Okay. I was going by what the committee decided & what the RPI sites have them. Not that it matters. If they win, they win. If we win, we win. I expect any polls taken after this weekend will reflect the results.