Southern Miss' #1 starter leads the nation in ERA

Nick Sandlin has a 1.13. Wonder if they’d try to save him for 2nd game?

Team ERA is 3.63, slightly higher than ours.

They have 69 homers, so decent pop. Hit .304 as a team.

yep we got Hosed!!!

There’s not a team in our regional better than at least 5-6 of the team’s we’ve already played.

I doubt So Miss saves their ace for the 2nd game. That’s risky against a good 3 seed.

ORU scares me a bit, but we are better than them and we are playing at home. We should win. ORU is good enough to get our players’ attention. Might be better than getting someone like Campbell or Hartford

I think it is about as good a regional as they could have asked for in a 64-team field.

Definitely don’t see it as being hosed, but again I am a glass half full guy.

just keeping it real look at Florida regional and look at ours…its a joke!Tough a regional as we have had IMO.very familair with USM its my alma mater and they are very good.

Jacksonville is better than USM. Wallets got no break there.

Man, the Razorback fanbase is so insecure.

We are going to stomp a mudhole and walk it dry.

Omaha is gonna be a lot of fun this year.

Battle cry of so many Hog fans :smiley:

USM is better than Jacksonville …

we should win the regional no doubt but we can’t afford to have any bad games for sure

Take off the Golden Eagle-colored glasses, dude. JU is 20 spots above USM in the RPI for a reason.

you might want to consult Miss state on that.

Jacksonville beat Florida in Gainesville this year.

Oral Roberts will have a couple of seniors they can choose from to pitch in Game 1, but probably lefty Miguel Ausua, who is 8-1 with a 3.27 ERA. If not, then righty Justin McGregor, who is 6-1 with a 2.56 ERA. Both have pitched 88 innings. As a team, they hit .285 as a team with 37 homers. Top hitter is Spencer Henson, who has 9 homers and is batting .368.

probably the LH

Southern Miss based on stats has really good starting pitching, though the Saturday and Sunday starters are a shade weaker. These guys don’t give up a lot of walks, so they are going to be trying to throw first pitch strikes and will make the batter put it in play if they get behind in counts.

Their bullpen is not anything special. Teams seem to try to run on them more than what we’ve seen, which may be because of the way the starters pitch, and the catcher is sitting at about 50% throwing out runners.

It will be interesting to see if the crowd bothers them. They have not played in front of big crowds, outside of their games with Ole Miss, State, and Bama, where they likely had a bigger proportion of people there then they will have in Fayetteville. If you throw out those five games, they played in front of an average of less than five hundred people on the road. They played in front of one big crowd at Ole Miss, over 9k, but again, how many Southern Miss fans were there?

We didn’t get hosed. With only a few exceptions, the NCAAT is made up of good teams. Dallas Bapt was one of the last 4 in per ESPN.

So Miss is a quality team, but if they were elite, they’d be hosting—just like 5 of the opponents we played this season. Geography plays a role in where teams are sent. Every team in our regional comes from a neigboring state. I’m just glad we don’t have MO St again. We ought to win this regional. We might not, but I can’t believe the USM pitcher is better than Springer, Mize, or a handful of other SEC aces we’ve faced (& usually beat.)

I know So. Miss beat MSU, but that was when MSU was struggling. Besides, things happen in baseball that don’t mean that much by themselves. MSU swept us, UF, & won 2 of 3 against the rebnecks. That’s 8 of 9 against the top 5 seeded team in the tournament, yet they’re not even hosting a regional. All that’s for a reason. USM will probably beat DB in its first game, but it’s not a gimme.

I’m always nervous this time of year when losing means the season is over. I understand we could lose either of the first two games & still get to Omaha, but it’s not likely. Regardless, I like our chances to win the regional & then the super

When your the regional host you should be able to win against the teams coming into Baum! If we don’t win we don’t deserve to advance to the supper! If we don’t win the super then the song is the same. Earn it on the field.
The hogs are clearly the best team it’s time they show it in postseason play.

Totally agree… we hit the ball the way we’re capable and not be ourselves in the field we will win it… just got a few dangerous teams that are used to be playing tough competition

Lose the fear.

They are the No. 5 seed for a reason.