Southeastern at Arkansas game 1

It’s 71 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:

. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

let’s go Connor get us off to a good start

beautiful throw by turner

I’m watching the game and listening to the game app audio. The audio is about 45 seconds ahead of the stream. That’s quite a gap!

I’m ready to see the Stovall we thought we were gonna get!

He will be fine.He got a beautiful line drive base at the left center to start the game that’s the type of swing he needs to have. I’m not worried about his base running he just got caught looking ahead. Made an absolutely incredible pic of a low throw from Wallace too

Brady being Brady. Those were just FBs down the middle.

Turner just came up a little short.

He gave that a ride

We are missing some very crushable pitches. Guys not throwing hard make the adjustment

It’s so much more enjoyable to watch Noland than to watch our offense. Unfortunately he can’t score for us.

Nice pick off!!

Noland got a glove on the ball but glances off. Looks like the ball hit Noland in the face!

Connor’s going to give up some hits that’s what concerns me a little. I just hope he can keep it in the yard with all the great hitters in the SEC. 4 hits already

That play kind of epitomizes our season so far.

He’s staying in though.

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Great batch by Gregory! Side retired.

They made good contact off of noland that inning. Looks like they started figuring out

Come on Gregory let’s hit the ball!

There you go! A double!