Southeastern at Arkansas DH G1

Yep that was out

Still it was the wind’s fault that the ball didn’t go out that’s my point the ball was crushed not like you can all sudden changing your swing

Well, apparently the SELA guy is able to get it out. Maybe we just need to workout more :man_shrugging:

I’m not gonna make excuses for this offense. They are underperforming terribly.

He’s a big boy about 240 lb. Crushed the ball. Just happened to get out that’s about our luck so far this year

At some point you gotta make your own luck. Cut out the strikeouts. Run the bases better. Good teams can score plenty without the help of wind.

The ball will go out to left it a whole lot easier to left field then it will right field

look everybody knows we’re sucking at the plate now man but to sit here and thank them two balls we hit wouldn’t have been out on a normal day is absolutely ridiculous! All you can do is hit the ball hard they did that the stinking wind knocked them down not a whole lot you can do about that!

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I’ll admit today has been better. Only 5 Ks. Some hard hit balls that we have been unlucky on.

I’ve just been hearing the wind excuse from lots of folks for three weeks now. Kinda getting tired of it.

I also agree that it is easier to hit it out in left field. But when you put a lineup of lefties out there, that’s what you get.

Yeah I’m tired of the wind blowing in all the time too pisses me off
But it is what it is it is not going to help us because we’re not a little single and double team we’re going to swing hard. I knew today when the wind was blowing straight in we were going to have a hard time scoring

Well I guess we could could have put web in but he’s 0 for the season so there’s not a whole lot of choices outside of that without playing freshman

There it is!

Boom Turner what a shot

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You’re about a good 10 seconds ahead of me LOL but that was a line drive that’s how you get it out to right field

Now that was a line drive HR!
That’s how you hit against the wind!
Turner is impressing me!

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Turner’s the best of we got right now
He went the other way for a double earlier in the game for our run

It sure makes me feel better after that homer by Turner. Especially after the Basketball team played just bad enough to get beat.

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See Moore hit it hard enough but it was elevated into the wind. Knocked it down

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Way to hit the ball hard Moore.

Trust me the one he did earlier in the day was hit about twice that hard but the wind was blowing in really bad then would have been a three-run HR