Southeastern at Arkansas DH G1

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Howling wind blowing in… just great. Just what we needed a team built for home runs don’t need to see that

Always love hearing the phrase “delayed steal”.

Good golly. Never seen an ump miss a call that bad.

At least we hit the ball hard that inning. Except for Slavens of course.

Great job by Turner…Moore’s ball would have been off the middle of a freaking building without that stinking wind blowing in you’re going to have to get the ball down

Starting to feel a lot like yesterday. If the offense doesn’t put up some runs, the pressure might get to the pitching staff again.

We would be up about 5 -0 without that wind blowing in cuz moore would have hit a three-run shot and that one by Wallace would have been out

Are you freaking kidding me!!! Can’t believe that ball went out 2-2 now

Yesterday all over again. Is it still “early in the season“?

Not as early as it was 8 games ago.

I just got on the board. Was that Smith who gave up the two run bomb?

Yes. Only his second hit allowed of the game.

He’s thrown the ball pretty good has walked three and hit one though so he’s not been perfect. He walked the guy lead off his inning and that come back to haunt him with the home run. Like I posted earlier we’ve had two home runs for sure knocked down by the win they cost us about 4 runs

Either we aren’t strong enough to hit it out through the wind, or we just need more line drives. Whatever it is, it ain’t the wind’s fault.

I was definitely the winds fault moore’s ball crushed it’s just a 20 mph wind blowing in would have been a three-run homer

Brady is out. Horrible baserunning. Maybe the call won’t change though.

Runner on second base nobody out k k and now we get a guy thrown out on the base path. That’s how you lose freaking ball games!!! So tired of this crap. We got a lucky break there cuz he was out

No doubt it would’ve been a HR. But the wind is what it is. You know it going in.