South Dakota

Tonight is likely a cakewalk, TX Southern isn’t any good. But Friday is going to be the first real test, do not sleep on SD. They are now 5-0 on the season and were picked 2nd in the Summit league, but had 3 first team selections, including the preseason POY in Stanley Umude.

He’s a handful, 6’6 210 junior, averaging 16.4/4.8, and shooting the 3 at 41%. The next preseason first teamer is Triston Simpson, a 6’2 185 senior. He’s going for 13.8/2.6/3.0 and has hit 10-16 from 3 to start the season. And last is the biggest matchup problem we’ve had so far, Tyler Hagedorn. He’s a 6’10 230 senior who’s averaging 19.4/6.4/2.2. He’s shot the 3 at 40% the last two seasons on volume and thus far this season he’s absolutely scorching, 16-19 :open_mouth:. He’s had games of 33, 24, 23 so far.

This will not only be a real test but a classic trap game before we head to Atlanta to play GT on Monday. Real excited to see how Muss schemes for them.

What about depth? Can we harrass them into turnovers and get into their legs?

I’ll bet Wichita St thought the same - “what a cakewalk”. They barely managed to come away with a 69-63 win. I do agree, if we come in ready to play, it should definitely be a win. This team should not take any win for granted, and I feel confident CEM will do his best to keep that from happening.

You are right, the 2 following games are just what this team needs, especially the road game at GA Tech. They will tell us a lot about where this team is early in the season. I do wish our first road game would be against a little lesser opponent. GA Tech looks like they are for real this year.

They play 10 but really just 7 get the bulk.

Hagedorn (#25) reminds me of Frank Kaminsky. Both he and Umude (#0) will present matchup problems.

Our athleticism will give them issues though.

I like our defense against the 3 for teams that try to rely on it. Advantage Hogs. Just need to keep up the focus and intensity. Of course, scoring at our end is important too. Sills and Joe will get hot as the season progresses. Jones has been a lifesaver for our offense. Cylia is still looking for his fit on offense. He walks, hasn’t shot well from 3, but has shown some good defense. Just needs the minutes.