South Dakota State is shredding TCU

The Horned Frogs are probably going to win, but that pass defense is soft.

Might be a shootout next Saturday.

Don’t think we have much chance of stopping Hill and TCU on Saturday if we play defense like we did against LA Tech. What happened to the press coverage we were supposed to have? We played 5 yards off the receivers just like last year.

Last year we played 10 yards off the receivers. Also, LTU’s wideouts are wicked fast, quite possibly the fastest we’ll see all year. Even with the cushion, one of them got open deep in the second half and was just overthrown.

The old adage is you make your most improvement from week 1 to week 2. I’d say both teams going to Fort Worth are gonna work on improving their defense. BUT…

In spite of all the whining about our defense, we held LTU to 20 points and 291 total yards. That ain’t all bad.

We fought their second string freshman QB who dominated us in the third quarter. Their two missed field goals saved us from a desperate scramble to catch up in the fourth quarter. That ain’t good and has got to get better.

What got dominated in the third quarter was our offensive line; we quit trying to run and their pass rush teed off on AA.

That freshman (who probably just won the job for a while unless he got a concussion when he got sandwiched) had a decent third quarter (6 for 8 for 79 yards), but all it got them was two field goals.

AA, meanwhile, was 5 for 6 for 43 yards in the fourth quarter and got the ball in the end zone. That’s why we won and they didn’t.

SDSU surprised me in this game against TCU. We are beating up our Hogs but we held a bowl team to 292 total yards. TCU let a D1A team get 333 yards passing and 128 yards rushing.

This is the correct take. Our D ain’t bad. And no one on the TCU staff is sleeping all that well, given TCU’s defensive performance. The Hogs need to run it, and run it some more against the Frogs. If they do that, then TCUs suspect pass defense can be exposed. Dominique Reed deep, off play action, will yield some big yardage, IMO.

TCU should be concerned that our Run game can open up the Passing game, because SDSU was able to pass without much run game (minus the 87 yard TD). I think you are right that this may be a game for Reed. TCU has very good WR’s and Murray can scramble if we do get time to rush him, so that worries me on our defense.

There was a time when Gary Patterson was known as a great defensive coach. I haven’t seen it in a few years, though, and wonder if Arkansas’ hiring away of Randy Shannon and Clay Jennings may have contributed to it some.

I think both teams are going to have big days on offense next week. It kind of feels like the Texas Tech game two years ago.

Gary Patterson is in a new league, The Big 12 isn’t about defense its about scoring points. Gary understood he couldn’t recruit the depth on the defensive side that was needed to play against these spread teams week in and week out. Also, where was he going to get the depth he needed to do this? Texas? Nope…you better make sure you have good evaluations on defensive high school players out of Texas. Texas high school is all about offense and scoring points. Even the vaunted OU defense is not good. There is not enough good defensive athletes in Texas anymore to go around.

So…Gary hires Sonny Cumbie and starts scoring points. Also you may want to add above that Coach Bump had a lot to do with those TCU defenses.

Texas AM will always have a Big 12 defense as long as they keep getting the majority of defensive kids from Texas. One reason I have been very upset that we are the only SEC West team that haven’t put a beat down on the Aggies. They are soft, and will be soft.