South Dakota St as an exhibition game!?

Just announced we will play S Dakota ST in our 2nd exhibition game. Those 2 exhibition games, including Texas have to be our toughest exhibition games ever. I like it.

South Dakota St was an outstanding team last year. 18-0 in conference. 30-4 overall and played a tough opening game in the NCAA tournament against Providence.

This young team will be well tested before we get into our regular season. Great timing for this type of pre-season tests.

DISREGARD - schedule messed up on

South Dakota State is a regular-season game.

Yeah, I just noticed, has their updated schedule all messed up. They have an announcement that the schedule is complete, but they left out our first 2 games against ND St and Fordham. If this is final, are we playing just one exhibition game?

A second exhibition opponent has not been announced yet.

I think they will play two exhibition games.

They were a very good team! don’t know what they have back but they will be a handful if they bring back some of their better players.

We’re probably going to get a tired SD St. team. They have a night game against St Bonaventure the night before our game with them.

Somebody floated the idea of playing a G-League team. That would be cool.

That is typical for a lot of non-conference games. Teams like SD St are usually a traveling road show on a fund raising tour thru P6 teams. A lot of miles on buses going from place to place. It is amazing that these teams still pick up a few upset wins over P6 teams.

Got to watch South Dakota State’s tournament game in March because it played in Buffalo. I like Eric Henderson as a coach. The Jackrabbits’ personnel will be different after losing their top player to Creighton, I believe, but they’ll be well coached. They went to Alabama last season and gave the Tide all they wanted in a 104-88 game.

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