South Carolina's infield shifts

I haven’t studied this, so my memory my be failing me, but I recall that South Carolina employed MLB-style infield shifts pretty effectively against us. That, in addition to their stellar defensive play, works in their favor and overcomes some of the offensive woes they’ve had this year.

I can remember Kjerstad beating a shift once with a bunt single and Fletcher doubling down the left field line on a ball that a conventionally positioned third baseman would have fielded easily. It seems that maybe both those plays came against South Carolina. Of course, if you’re a team that gets Kjerstad to try to bunt his way on base, you’re probably pretty happy about that.

Anyway, am I recalling all that correctly?

yes they did and it cost us a couple of hits up the middle.we will just have to go the other way and make them pay for it.

We have a smarter Heston and a better hitter than when he faced them a couple months ago. I bet he burns em if they do that again.

The bunt single was 2 weeks ago against the poultry in Hoover.