South Carolina to-do list...

A group of us are going to the game this weekend. I travel a ton, both for work and pleasure but have never been to Columbia before. We fly in tomorrow, what should we put on the to-do list. We all love good food, a nice drink and live music.

Have no idea about Columbia, but bet you find something. Just want to wish you a great trip. Enjoy.

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All of my trips there have been pretty short, but here are a few thoughts:

  • The stadium is on the state fairgrounds, not on campus. Give yourself plenty of time to drive in because the roads into the stadium are pretty tight.

  • I have enjoyed walking around the downtown area, especially near the statehouse. You’ll find a lot Carolina BBQ shops around there and it’s worth trying if you’ve never had it before.

  • Check out the Cockaboose tailgating train cars outside the stadium.

I think South Carolina is an underrated spot for watching a game. The stadium is old, but the crowd typically is really good. Enjoy your trip.

Check out the baseball stadium. It’s a copy of Baum Stadium. But with red seats. I much prefer the green seats in Baum because they are traditional color for baseball.

I’ve heard infielders complain about those red seats before. They say it’s harder to see a line drive because the seats blend in with the seams on the baseball.

My best advice in going to Columbia is when you are ready to hang out, drive 100 miles south to Charleston. Living in Charleston, if I am leaving the city, I am leaving the state altogether!!! Columbia is ok. Charleston is awesome. That said there are some decent off-campus bars in Columbia. If you want BBQ, get the mustard based. Its what this state does well.

Go Hogs

Columbia is worse than okay
Greeenville is awesome
Charleston is the best city in America

/end thread

Skip Cola and come to Chas. Eat at Lewis or Scott’s BBQ and if you want to pay a lot of money, get the steak at Hall’s Chophouse. I prefer the bone in filet.

There is nothing better than a bone-in fillet, unless it’s a bone-in ribeye. Hard to screw that up.

I’ve heard that Charleston is the place to go in the state. I will never go to Hilton Head.

My oldest brother lived in Aiken for a long time in retirement and raved about visits to Charleston.

There seems to be a growing sentiment that Greenville, S.C., is pretty good place, too.

If you have time go to Patriots point in Charleston. Charleston is my favorite place to visit in SC. People are nice and will welcome you! Head to the game early or you will miss kickoff. Don’t get in any hurry to leave after the game either.