South Carolina @ Miss St

Here’s an example of how the hogs get treated different in the SEC!
Perry gets called for a walk. He slams the ball down on the court! The next possession N. Weatherspoon get called for an offensive fouls and nit only does he slam the ball on the court he reacts at the ref! Again no T! If that was our hogs we would have been T’d up!

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Indeed. But you must realize that even though we’ve been in the SEC for decades,we are still considered outsiders.

Had Ben Howland not grabbed Weatherspoon by the arm and told him to stop, he was absolutely on his way to getting a T. The way he quickly walked toward the official after the whistle was ridiculous. Can’t do that. Not smart to do so when your team is trying to hold on to a late lead.

I’ve seen players in the SEC get by with pulling stirs far worse than Chaney did at LSU without drawing a T! I’ve also seen the review happen worse than Desi’s where he got nailed for a F-1 others get by with it. We had a game earlier in the year where we took an elbow to the head on a clear out that was review and nothing!
It’s as bad in the women’s game too!
Last night in a tie game with 30 seconds left Miss ST got by with shoving a player with the ball out of bounds with no call. If you watch enough especially in the SEC if a team is ranked you better not touch them but if they are making a comeback late you are in trouble. Like last year at LSU and the mugging our hogs took!

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