South Carolina lands biggest BB recruit in history

That was largely predicted when he decommitted from UNC, but its a big commit for the Poultry.

And Kentucky continues to get elite 2023 talent.

And, that may help us with Ron Holland


GG Jackson is not #1 in the class of 2022. He’s number 6 on both 247 composite and on 247. Nick is #1 on 247, #2 on Rivals, and #3 on ESPN. GG was #1 on one service in the 2023 class.

By the way, after looking at each of the recruiting sights, On3 (a new site), for some idiotic reason, has Nick as the #12 overall recruit. In the other 3 main sites, his lowest spot is #3. I’ll pass on checking On3 rankings or their supposed composite rankings since they include their own rankings with the 3 real services. They have so many outliers, it distorts the composite figures.

I didn’t say he was #1 in class of 2022. Where are you getting that?

I know. Your headline was just repeating a line in Tipton’s tweet. On the South Carolina website, their write up only mentioned #1 by 247 ranking. They and the author didn’t include his #6 ranking in the class of 2022.

I thought maybe SC might have had someone ranked higher than #6 in the country in the past. But, they don’t, so their statement about him being the highest ranked recruit (#6) in SC history is correct.

I wouldn’t shoo away On3 if I were you. They are legit. Jamie Shaw is their head BB recruiting analyst, and he does a decent job. He travels a lot and sees the kids, which is my gripe with ESPN; that staff doesn’t work as hard as the others.

Also, if you didn’t know, On3 is owned by Shannon Terry, who founded Rivals and 247. So, it’s just a matter of time before they are mentioned regularly alongside the other services. In fact, they already are in many cases. Football is ahead of basketball right now. Rivals is starting to crumble because many staff have left for 247 or On3.

Hope Kentucky doesn’t add DJ Wagner to Dillingham and Edwards.

Yes, I understand who’s involved with them. I still maintain they have so many outliers in their basketball rankings when compared to the 247 composite, that they are not ready (yet?) to be part of a “big 4” recruiting service.

It almost seem like they want to be a contrarian recruiting service. In the class of 2022, Filipowski #1, Leonard Miller? #2, Amari Bailey #30 and a 4-star, and of course, Nick at #12. Are those reasonable? Maybe they just need more (or better) basketball staff?

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Don’t disagree with those points.

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Great for the SEC!

Thanks to all you guys that follow recruiting so closely. Your info and knowledge is much appreciated.

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