South Carolina game thread

Interested to see how often they bring pressure and the OL rotations.

Testing. I just wondered why there are no game posts yet?

Can’t believe there’s not a fumble post.

These announcers sssssuuuuuuccccckkkkkk.

OL is struggling early

Nice kick by Limpert!

How about that! A made FG from 48! WPS!

Yay, We have Curles.

Good work Limpert.

Other than freak FG Hogs look like same old crap

why do we have to get cute on our kickoffs? It always bites us on the tail. Sure, it may work someday, but 10 failures to get 1 success is stupid.

Where’s all of the unpredictable offense we ran in the first half of the Aggie game?

Paul Rhoads said they would bring pressure this week and so far they have. But South Carolina seems the more physical team right now.

wow our oline is getting owned

How in game 5 is Colton jackson a starter? He’s bad, has been beat so many times already.

Colton Jackson…ugh

Haven’t made true first down yet. Kick off out of bounds. Fumble. And B.B. says we r improving

What a dumb 3rd & 1 call by Enos running up the middle

Marc Curles…oh my.

This is a sloppy mess

One mistake after another. Now shanked punt. Get on the bus.