South Carolina game feels necessary for NCAAs

Several weeks ago, I thought no way this team can make tourney.

Now I worry that we don’t lose to teams we should beat and hurt our chances.

After dropping some early games we should have won at home, this SC game almost feels like a must win if we are to continue momentum and not slip up and go to NCAAs which all of us expect from program - albeit even in a year wih so many freshmen.

I told myself I would not get hopes up a few weeks back.

Now I just hope we come ready to play and don’t slip up against SC in a winnable game while we continue momentum towards possible NCAA.

Let’s do it Hogs - let’s play with a chip.

It’s very winnable.

My concern is both teams will want to go fast, but SC is more physical than we are. I’m afraid we’ll get pushed around and fall behind early like most games in SEC play this year. SC isn’t great but if we dig ourselves a big hole again, I’m not sure we can dig ourselves out.

But yes, a lose would certainly hurt our chances of making the tournament.

Must win for sure.

The first game of the season at Ft Bliss against Texas is a game that fits the mold.
The hogs should have won that game. Missing free throws was the major problem. 13/24 at the free throw line.
Texas 73
Higs 71. OT
Gave up the winning 3 point shot as time expired in regulation.

At home WKY just looked sluggish the whole game. Missing free throws
9/16 at the free throw line!
WKY 78
Hogs 77

At home Georgia Tech failed to play inside out and jacked up 3’s and jump shots.
Too passive and didn’t take the ball to the hole.
7/9 at the free throw line. So far the lowest number of free throws this season.
GA Tech 69
Hogs 65
Florida at home I still can’t believe we can’t beat the gators no matter where we play them. Again free throws 15/26 couldn’t knock them down.
Florida 57
Hogs 51

LSU at home. Free throws 17/28 in a game that went to OT.
LSU. 94
Hogs 88

Texas Tech at Lubbock. The hogs played tough but just couldn’t close. Free throws 18/26.
Texas Tech 67
Hogs. 64

There’s 6 games that could have been W’s. If they hit free throws in 5 of these games and put them in the win column they are playing for a 4-6 seed in the dance instead of being outside of the bubble. The youth can be part of it but making free throws and staying being your man and the basket is basic fundamentals.

Fighting for the win at LSU and holding on was good sign despite the horrible officiating.
LSU 89
Hogs 90

Making the free throws against Vandy at Bud Walton 15/20 and pulling out the win getting that 3 point shot with ball movement late from Emery Simpson was just huge.
Vandy. 66
Hogs. 69

Maybe they’ve turned the corner! It’s time to finish the last half of conference play out and see where it shakes out. They can’t overlook any game on the schedule and like you I believe South Carolina is a must win game. Get Silvia in foul trouble and rebound the basketball. That’s the key.
On offense be aggressive and feed Gafford with ball movement. Make the defense move and there will be open shots inside and outside. One game at a time and there’s no room left for another bad loss. Must win for sure but S. Carolina won’t just lay down and stop playing. The hogs need to come out hot from the top. Don’t dig a hole with a slow start. I would like to see the hogs build and lead and keep pouring it on for once.

I hate to say this, and I know people on here say “Don’t blame the refs”, but I watched the USCe vs KY game the other night. The announcers said S.C. is very physical and Silva was really, really good at getting fouls called and going to the line. They were shocked he was in foul trouble at KY (probably the only ones shocked). I would almost bet that Gafford gets in early foul trouble Sat and Silva might not have two all game. Even though our refs that post on here don’t believe in makeup calls or makeup games, it DOES happen. Silva will get one, unfortunately it’s against us.

Like you, I believe this is more of a must win than people think. USCe could end up being a team with a sub 500 record. I don’t know if we can afford a loss to another sub 500 team this late in the year.

Silvia did hit at Kentucky with a bad called game by the zebras. I hope the make up calls don’t kill us. Silvia is capable of picking up cheap fouls Chaney, Bailey and Gabe will have matchups against him that will enable Gafford to stay on the floor. Gafford don’t need to pick up cheap fouls outside! It will be a good game to watch.

As far as getting Silva in foul trouble, he’s been whistled for at least four fouls in each of South Carolina’s last nine games, so it would be far from out of the ordinary if he is Saturday. He fouled out twice in that span, too. Four of those nine games were home games for SC. No player in the SEC draws more fouls per 40 minutes than him, but he also commits seven per 40 in conference play. I would expect Mike to rotate Adrio, Gabe and Reggie on him and leave Gafford to defend Felipe Hasse and Maik Kotsar.

It seems to me, and is true of most young teams, is that the Hogs have played to the level of their competition, Tennessee and Ole Miss the exceptions. I think both of those games was more to the fact that their confidence was shaken. It has also seemed that this team plays better on the road than they have at the Bud. Because of that I think they will win the game.

Got to win 2 of the next 3… lose this one and our backs are against the wall with no room for error… a win and momentum builds… but I’m really worried about this one and just hope we don’t do our patented down by 12-15 to start the game…

It’s definitely not a must win, rather it would be a huge win. We need to get to 21 and we’ll be in. This is one of those opportunities to get closer to that mark.

Agree with this, we might can lose this one but we must win at Missouri if that happens, and winning against MSU is a must to improve ranking, we will have to go 6-3 and maybe even 5-4 the rest of the regular season and win one in the SEC tournament. That is doable if this young team continues their improvement. Hopefully February, with already two wins, will be another 6-2 coaching month for Mike and I like our chances in the last three if that happens.

I was so afraid of this.

Don’t know how we imploded those last minutes but was hard to watch self destruct so badly.

Of course we can win most of the rest to overcome, but this feels like goodbye to NCAA tournament.

Got to win the most winnable games.

Yep, we are finished.

SC is not a good team… but then, well never mind.

We were never going to the NCAA tournament. I just hope they improve and give us some hope that next year will be better even with the loss of Daniel.

The hogs had a shot to make the dance. They have continued to play the same pattern of ineffective offense all season long. It’s caused from the lack of experience. Welcome to the NIT. Which will do this young team more good than a one and done in the dance.
Last year the experienced hogs plays half hearted throughout the first half of SEC play and then turned a corner. This young bunch has done the same thing. It just blows my mind to watch them blow leads like and get beat by teams that aren’t good.
South Carolina, WKY, Texas, Florida, Georgia Tech and LSU at home by missing free throws. I guess they worked on free throw shooting this week they made 75% today at the line. They just forgot how to run offense and play defense.
Oh well like cub fans say next year!
It will be baseball season soon and we will have spring football.

I disagree with LSU being a team that isn’t good.