South Carolina expanding capacity

Capacity will be up to 3,350 for this week’s series. It has been at 1,938 for the first 18 games this year.

That’s still not a huge crowd. Nothing close to what we faced in Mississippi.

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Of course, everybody going to be full capacity,but will not faze us after MS and OM

And Tennessee has a 4300 seat stadium that Tim Corbin was talking about this past weekend. Said there was no Covid in east TN. Players and coaches, not fans, will perform regardless.

I think @hog2009 and @hogmaestro live in the state and might be able to fill in more details, but from what I can tell, a lot of South Carolina fans have been upset with Ray Tanner over keeping crowds limited and trying to limit heckling this year.

South Carolina disputes this, but I think a fan might have posted to social media he was asked by event staff to leave a game this year for heckling an umpire during the Missouri series. Tanner eventually posted a tweet that said South Carolina encourages fan support but in a family-friendly way.

This is very accurate. The fanbase is quite upset with Tanner for a myriad of reasons (least of which football and basketball combined for 8 wins this year) and they’ve turned the baseball games into a wake.

They are adding about 1500 more fans this weekend though.

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hog2009 knows more than I do. I very happily manage to ignore the vast majority of what goes on in Columbia. In all facets!


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