South Carolina defense? Have we seen better?

Was Oklahoma State better or did we just make them look that way with the low effort? Florida? I am not sure we have seen a better half court man-to-man defense. They put a lot of pressure on in half court and we were patient with not many turnovers. One steal for a dunk, a couple of stepping on the lines when trying to get out of a trap, a few others, but we, overall, held up very well.

The unforced turnover need to be cleaned up. We took better shots than usual but we passed on shots then passed into turnovers. We had Dustin Thomas at the top of the key throw one away for a score.
We dribble too much and seriously really need a true point guard. The defense we faced was matched last night by the hogs. We had a good overall game with everyone making contributions. MA called his timeouts early and did not allow the team to get buried in a hole. He made adjustments and made changes to the players on the floor. We actually rebounded better in this game late something we have failed to do most of the year. We watched a team play to win and showed they do have heart.
Oklahoma State caught the hogs at a bad time. If we would have played the cowboys last night the original outcome would have been much different. I’m hopeful the team is starting a run.

South Carolina did not play up to its usual standards. Frank Martin said they had been in a funk since the Alabama game (four-overtime loss).