South Carolina at Arkansas game 2

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Jump on them early get the crowd into it Hope Brady can give us about 4.

First pitch 6:45 p.m.

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I have to be at the airport at 5:30 am Eastern tomorrow. Chances I’ll get through 9 innings tonight are just about the same as Ole Miss defending the natty.


Don’t envy you Jeff. I spent over 30 years with early flights and late returns. Safe travels.

Getting home at midnight Monday, Danny. Check. Only going to Orlando, but there just aren’t that many flight options.

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Swine safe travels. I hate early out late in!

Great start for Tygart. 3 up 3 down! 2 k’s.

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Awesome start for Brady!! Great catch by Kendall as well

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I’ll take an 11 pitch inning anytime.


Wonder what Tygart pitch count plan is tonight?

Yes sir.

I don’t know, but I’d bet 50 max

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Dave said the other day around 60-65

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Tygart’s pitch count tonight is 40-45. He might be able to go to 50. I don’t think it will be as hard of a cap as it has been the last two weeks.

This is what Matt Hobbs told me about it earlier this week:

“Where we’re at now is the game can start talking to us a little bit with him, instead of it being dictated so much by what he needs to throw,” Hobbs said. “We can start making some decisions based on him being able to go a little longer.

“The buildup has been really good; it’s been pretty seamless. We haven’t had a ton of setbacks or anything like that, so I think we just keep on adding pitches to his workload and try to be as smart as we can with him.”

We have the most trouble throwing the ball in the air to the first baseman.

Wow he must have changed the amount then… but no need to rush him

Hope we can get 4 innings out of Tygart.