South Carolina @ Arkansas

Hurting without JWill and JD
Both out with two fouls

And my it is COLD in here

Shooting wise, that is

Those two guys will be well rested for a second half run

Team playing like they are leaderless.

Being out hustled.

Number 23 is kicking our tail… out hustling everybody

There is just on offensive threat on the floor

Being outplayed by a mediocre team.

We just can’t make a shot form the outside and stopped going to hole and getting to the free throw line.

Game is just where South Carolina wants it we have yet to figure out the zone down by 7 at the half is ridiculous…6/13 from the three SMH

Down 7 at halftime to South Carolina
What a bad half of BB. Wow.

Looking like a team who just got really lucky on Saturday.

This is the weakness of Gene Iba Basketball. No point guard, Center, don’t know how to break a zone defense. Hate this style.

They have 6 threes and we have zero I believe.

They are playing harder

Our defense better pick it up or we are looking at a loss

Always some scrub that comes to BWA and torches us… Devin who?

It’s a garbage type game

We have missed too many makeable shots.
I don’t think the offensive movement has been that bad. Just not making shots

I hate zone defense

Hopefully J Will and JD coming back in to start the second half will give us a spark but right now we absolutely suck know no way to sugar coat it… have no clue against the zone

I hope CEM realizes that he needs a quality Point Guard, and Power forward for next season. Don’t care how good the Freshmen are. We don’t get those two pieces this summer, we are looking at a difficult year next fall.

9 for 29 shooting

no open scholarships left

to get a pg and a pf, 2 more current players will have to move on

i expect that will probably happen