South Carolina @ Arkansas

Well it’s not a perfect start but the hogs have the lead. Williams has come out of the gates strong.

The pacing looks about right for our team. I think that bodes well for us.

Why are we booing Stevenson #10?

Still missing way too many shots right around the basket… Jay will shooting the ball great from the free throw line

It’s a student thing. They pick out one player every game and boo whenever that player touches the ball. Nothing particular that player did, just his number came up tonight.

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I don’t know, but the kid looks a little bit like he’s playing badminton out there.

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Oh ok, didn’t knw if I missed something.

Witt them playing zone, would this be a game to try and get kk going??

Lykes! For God’s sake man, slow down.

No excuse for his ignorance at times. Just no reason to be that out of control.

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Game is just like Vanderbilt messing around and let them hang around… now we done found ourelf behind.

Need Notae and Williams on the floor

Why are they still shooting the 3 when they are ice cold? Why are they not setting up their offense?

They are playing horribly tonight.

They just haven’t figured it out! Let a team like the Chickens hang around.

Ewwwww, nasty!!

Where’s JWill?

I think we’ll pull it together.

They keep playing like this, don’t bet on it.

Connor, holy cow

need to recruit a big that can score around the rim

is jwill in foul trouble or something?