South Carolina @ Arkansas. Women’s hoops

It’s pretty bad to watch our hogs play and every announcer that’s got the game blows about how good S Carolina is the whole darn time. The old mute option is about all you can do!
I hate he bias shown by announcers.
Oh course our hogs can be playing men or women and they will blow about how good a team is and what they are doing and that team isn’t even playing live! To me it shows a lack of professionalism out of those who are at the mic!

Need to work on our defense and rebounding…way too many easy shots for SC.

I guess they also need to get used to being tripped and pushed and not getting a call!
The big girl for SC pull on Ramirez and tripped here and they called it a tie up on the scrum.
Just horrible defense and bad shooting by the hogs with no rebounding to speak of.
It would be nice to see the whistle blow both ways!

He just needs to get a couple of big girls inside.stop all those easy shots.

Yes for sure. I can’t stand Staley! The announcers need to just go to work for her! When there’s a men’s game they do the same junk sucking up to Cal, Wade and Pearl. The SEC Network does a pathetic job of hiring!

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