South Carolina 91 @ Georgia 70

I hope Muss has that score posted in the locker room. The Team, and the fans, are on a high right now. SC is reminding us this season’s not yet over.

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GA has been a hard one to figure all year. When they played us, they could not get out of their own way much less stop us. Then they will beat some good teams and then nothing.

No doubt, SC will be a difficult game.

S Carolina either plays great or plays horrible. There’s no middle ground with that team. Quite astonishing really. So no telling which S Carolina team Arkansas will face next week.

Oh we probably get the shoot lights out version of SC at their house. Think we’ve proved we can handle that version though.

We normally go to Columbia favored to win by double digits and get our tails chopped off!
These next 2 games won’t do anything to help our hogs but getting beat by either one of these opponents would be a horrible loss!
I guess it’s just fitting for them to finally have an offensive explosion and get to humming as our game with them is getting ready to play. Yes

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