Sources: Robb Smith headed to Minnesota

Here is what we have on Smith’s move: … minnesota/

Don’t let the door hitcha…

Anyone else finding the slow leak of this (vs a definitive announcement) somewhat odd?

It’s like breaking up with a girlfriend in college by moving home for the summer and never calling her, and then when school starts you aren’t seeing each other any more. No “I’m done” just poof.

Otis says Paul Rhoads becomes defensive coordinator, hires a former Iowa State assistant off Mississippi State’s staff to coach DBs at Arkansas.

I don’t. This is how college football works. Arkansas isn’t going to say anything definitive about Smith leaving and Minnesota isn’t going to say anything until the papers are signed. He agreed to the job yesterday. It’s going to take at least a day to get the hire processed, and maybe longer.

Rhoads is a great fit for a team that needs a short learning curve for a new DC. The players know him and the recruits know him. It is wise to promote Rhoads, because a new DC would have challenges by not knowing the team, players, and performance level alone. Rhoads insures a much more productive spring practice and development, because he knows what the players can do.

A new DC will have to learn the players, nuances of the performances, who is returning, relate to the players and relate to coaches. He may have to hire some new coaches too.