Source: Musselman hiring Gus Argenal as assistant coach

From Bob:

The hire is official. The story now includes statements from Eric Musselman and Gus Argenal.

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It looks like Argenal stays in shape too (like Muss). I appreciate that in a Coach.

And you can’t go wrong with a coach whose sons are named Bo and Ace.

So he’s not on the Corey Williams fitness plan?:sunglasses:

What’s his reputation as a recruiter?

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You said it, not me. :wink:

Good… Maybe looking for another assistant coach soon though.

Argenal will be paid $200,000 per year and is on a renewable 12-month contract.

I don’t understand this.

Hogs had David Patrick, Clay Moser, and Corey Williams as full time assistants. Williams left for Texas Tech. This is his replacement.

Or is there something else to which you refer?

That was also the exact 1st year contract for Clay Moser. I assume Clay has received a raise since then.

Well, yes. I don’t think Arkansas and the SEC is around the corner from Santa Monica.

SEC isn’t around the corner from UC Riverside, Australia, or the LA Lakers either, but Coach has his connections where he has them.

Apologies for leaving out my facetious emoji on the previous post. :grin:

I assume you are talking about replacing David Patrick. Since Gus is the one that is replacing Cory, if Patrick leaves, Patrick’s replacement is going to be the most critical hire for Muss for recruiting.

Why the most critical. Patrick wasn’t even here a year ago…

With Gus’s hiring, Patrick is the only black assistant on the staff. It is very important to have a very good black assistant and a white assistant on the staff for player relations and recruiting, regardless of the race of the head coach. I have heard that from many coaches at high school and college level.

And, along with that, Patrick is noted as being a great recruiter. He also came here with the “Assoc Head coach” title and a considerably larger salary than the other assistants. If he is indeed leaving, it will be difficult to replace him. Unless he gets a good D-1 head coaching job, I really hope he gives us another year or two. His continued involvement can only help us with the great 2022 and 23 recruiting classes in Arkansas.

I think it’s a good sign that one of Muss’ former coaches for two years is coming back to work for him again. He must not be too hard on assistants.

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