Sour Grapes from OM on their loss to the Hogs

Read a report this morning that quoted one of the Ole Miss DB’s regarding why they lost. Here’s his comment:

“I don’t know if it was the weather, or people playing down to the competition,” defensive back AJ Finely said. “I feel like we were definitely a better team than them, so I don’t know exactly what it was.”

Looking at their record, the best win they have is over KY and it was close.

I hope this hits the bulletin board inside the football facility.

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I sure hope that MSU puts a whipping on the confused punks from Ola ms.


Me too. I have several State friends. Good folk. Ring those cowbells…

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That’s one of my favorite games of the year (throw out the records), and I always pull for MSU.

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Love my LSU friends down here that pain their cars/trucks during Ole Miss week:

“To hell with Ole Miss”

Hope State curb stomps them. I’ve hated Ole Miss since I was a kid from encounters with their fans in Little Rock games.

Clearly bad whine.

Some things never change. Many, many years ago Baylor got way up on the Hogs in Fayetteville only to lose late when the Hogs came roaring back behind touchdown passes to, I believe Bobby Duckworth and Robert Ferrell. The Baylor DBs post-game had pretty similar comments.

If we had run the full offense the whole second half we would have put 60 on Ole Miss.


I think ole miss top down, thought the hogs were easy pickings, infact there were several fans that post to this board that thought the same way. While the hogs have not had their best year, they are not an easy out! They got some bite!!

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With our defense playing like it has the past 4 games and KJ healthy, we can play with anyone.


LOL. That’s great Jeremy.


Doesn’t surprise me. I hate Old Miss and their classless redneck fans with an absolute passion! As commented above, I hope Miss St. gutter stomps them!!

Wait hold on…Let me think for a minute…Hmmmmmm…Yep, I’m pretty sure Ole Miss has never played in the SEC championship game. And they’re not playing in it this year. But you guys are AWESOME!


Need some cheese with that whine.

Ole Miss continues its tradition of bragging and superficiality. Blowhard U. Some things never change.

When your focus of school pride is tailgating on fine china, you have major issues.


Poor judgement on the kid’s part to even come with that. Doesn’t reflect well.


A team will usually be somewhat of a reflection of their coach looks like it’s holding true. We knew the game would be determined by weather the Hogs A team would show up, they did. WPS

Too funny!!

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I have always felt the whole Ole Miss “family” has a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX. They are never as good as they thing they are or wish they were.

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