Sounds like

LaDarrius Bishop will get the start tomorrow.

He will be an All SEC CB before he leaves.

NFL ability. Just needs experience.

Does Burks have an injury?

Nothing major. Just banged up a bit.


I wrote a story on Treylon Burks a few weeks back, on carrying on his late grandfather’s legacy, and his mom finally got back with me yesterday. Too late to talk for the story, but I asked her if Treylon was doing OK - he walked off the field near the end of the open viewing period Tuesday and was absent Wednesday - and she said yes.

For LaDarrius Bishop, it’s another chance for him to prove himself. In my story on him Tuesday, he’s felt down at times just waiting for his chance. He’s got to make the most of it. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

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Bumper is expected to play.

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Elsewhere, folks are saying he has a concussion or a broken arm, or the like. My view is that there are a lot of henny pennies out there, or folks who never played the game and have no clue, because being banged up is the norm for a key starter.

Hearing he won’t play today, but not certain on the info.

You the wagering type?

Well he gave up the farm tonight

Lot of young players get schooled early. Part of the process.

A lot of young players get schooled early at Arkansas, and continue throughout their career.

Bishop doesn’t realize that his head can rotate, someone should explain to him that it can. He and Mclellion has a tough, tough game. Yikes

But the few times they did make a play they acted like they won the Super Bowl—while they were getting roasted by an absolute doormat program. Ridiculous.

Then that’s on Richard not me. He is a redshirt freshman getting feet wet.

We’ve got a few guys who are bad about that. McClellion and Gabe are the worst.

Unfortunately that’s the culture we live in. The NFL guys do it so the college, high school, junior high and pee wee kids do it.

Well our defense has a max of 3-4 NFL players on it right now, (that may be generous) and neither one of those guys are one. They need to focus on playing not celebrating