Sounds like we picked up where we left off

last year… It doesn’t sound good. Thoughts by those watching?

non-existent 3pt D certainly resembles last year. we have better players this year tho. they need to learn to play like a team. one or two guys don’t need to try to carry team

In true Hog fashion, I had barely finished posting and we were on a run.

Pretty gross defensive effort, not sure what else to say about that side of the ball. Uncontested looks, bad perimeter D, giving up a lot of 2nd chance points.

On the flip side, we’ve been pretty good offensively, especially with Kingsley on the bench for a while with 2 fouls. Macon needs to give Barford some of his aggressiveness, too good to be this passive. Also got lucky on Thomas’s injury, looked bad initially.

Fort Wayne shooting just 40 percent from the field, 33 percent from 3 and 50 percent from the free throw line

Have missed their last 8 3-pointers after Arkansas changed its defense

they have the talent for some potent runs this year. i think they will gel their teamwork and become more consistent creating and making open shots. our defense will make or break this team just like Mike has been saying. i hope he lights a fire under them.

Thanks DD. I think I jumped the gun.

And scored 45 in the 1st half. Good thing they missed those last 8 3’s. It was not a good effort on D.

Six Hogs in double figures. Gotta tighten that D. Work in progress, but not a bad start.

Looked a little rough at times, but good news is, we have a lot of talent and options, we should improve quite a bit on both ends, and a couple of the newcomers to help the depth didn’t yet see the floor.

It appears to me the refs over officiated too night

Nah, nobody ever jumps the gun on this board :roll:

Regarding how we played, I was at work and trying to keep an eye on NCAA soccer, US-Mexico soccer, basketball and actually do my job simultaneously, so I didn’t get to pay a lot of attention to any of the above. Thus I have no comments, other than I think IPFW will end up being a pretty decent midmajor and someone you wouldn’t want to see in March as a 14 seed.

It is a good thing FW could not shoot free throws or it would have been a lot closer.

It’s a good thing we wore them down, forcing them to shoot badly from the FT line.

More talent, still problems with rebounding, We gave up to many offensive rebounds.

Fort Wayne’s Konchar is a great rebounder. I wish one or two of our players would emulate him.

It’s the first real game of the year. Yes, there are lots of things to work on, but shouldn’t there be at this of the year?

I watched the USA-Mexico soccer game and watched the basketball game later on WatchESPN replay.

USA-Mexico was a great game, but thecloss hurts. Now we are in a must win situation against Costa Rica next week. A win would have been a significant step towards WC qualification. Hopefully we will get El Tri in Mexico City.

Actually the Mastodons missed 14 of their last 17 3-pointers.

Fort Wayne shot 36 percent from the field, 32 percent from the 3-point line and 60 percent from the FT line.

Yep, not a good defensive effort at all, huh?