Sounds like Maryland here

Made an OV there over the weekend.

Well crap…really liked that kid a lot!

Maryland?? Wow.I would think he would look at our roster and see an incredible chance to play in the SEC where he saw his brother make a fortune for himself

Told locally he wasn’t headed to UA several days ago.

Maryland HC was OC at Alabama during his brothers time in Tuscaloosa.

Relationships matter.


More going on here than most know. Can’t say more, have started this post several times over the past few days.

I would be completely shocked if he goes anywhere but Maryland. More when I can, but I am not going to rain on the parade of a young man. Yes, I wanted him to be a Hog but I don’t see it happening.

Would love to hear the story when you feel like you can tell it.

I take it he wasn’t good enough for Bama. One has to ask do we want to recruit a player Bama passes on.

Darius Philon