Sounds like Charlotte or Shreveport

Gator wants Kentucky. We fall to Charlotte or Shreveport. I bet nickel slots in Louisiana. Boy we choked last Friday. I’m still angry. Gonna be a while before I let this one go.

Something to consider: just because a bowl game wants a team does not mean it will work out. The bowl placements are a byproduct of discussions between many different parties. There is a lot that can happen between now and Sunday afternoon.

The team and coaching staff probably deserve the Independence Bowl. The fans don’t.

Shreveport is a nice small town, coupled with Bossier. Got lots of relatives there; they think it’s the bomb.

I’m just greedy because I can drive to all Florida bowls and 9-4 sounds not bad.

I wouldn’t rule out Jacksonville just yet. Just read a story from Monday’s Jacksonville paper that says they want Florida, but if they can’t get Florida, it’s probably us or UK, which also has 7 wins. And Nashville seems to want UK. So…

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its important to win… even a less desirable bowl game.

im looking with more interest at possible opponents rather than locale…

we need an easy opponent. we do not need to lose. and especially do not need to lose big.


Don’t disagree with this. If we lose a close one, so be it, but don’t get blown out, and don’t lose to someone from a league like the American.
We’ve been on good-week-bad-week rotation since the Texas State game. We’d be due for a good week in the bowl. Also, with a week off to prepare for Florida, we had our best defensive outing of the year by far. Those two aspects have me encouraged. Plus Greenlaw should be available, which will automatically make the defense better.

It doesn’t matter ! Until we stop getting beat by team that are sorry like Missouri that’s all anyone is going to remember. The bowl practice is what our team needs and they will get that. Last year it was the chocking early in the year and this year it was flat out no defense! Until we can play for 4 quarters it does not matter what bowl we get! Look at who we lost too last year and this year. We have went 2 years without being able to stop the run! We have went 2 years playing prevent at the end of the first half of games and giving up point and MO! I would like to see an angry hungry and aggressive defense that would not give up an inch without a fight. I’m tired of seeing a post on here about talent and speed. How about effort and heart. until we see that on the field we will make lower tier bowls. But at least we’re going to a bowl.

Angry is a good description - one mistake like this takes away a lot of good - I’m embarrised we are associated and measured by - Mizzou

If Ark cannot beat a dead last Mizzou team we really suck

Let’s hope. This was a learning experence and we don’t lose to dead last minute Mizzou and build confidence or respect nation wide

I would rather us go to Shreveport than any other option like Birmingham or Nashville. We will travel extremely well to Shreveport and support our image of traveling well to the bowls. This is a strategic advantage to be in Shreveport. Dallas, North LA, South Ark, Houston and Central Ark fans can easily drive to Shreveport. Birmingham can offer some recruiting exposure, but Nashville has very little talent in the area. Shreveport has TONS of talent and the whole Northern part of Louisiana has Hog fans. North Louisiana and NE Texas have tons of talent that will be reading the Texarkana and Shreveport daily bowl practice reports.

The Independence Bowl needs a strong year because it is not doing too well. It has a repeat sponsor for the first time since 2013 and has been relegated to the day after Christmas which, in conjunction with some of the games it has been drawing (South Carolina vs. Miami; Virginia Tech vs. Tulsa), has led to not many tickets sold.

I suggest a gentlemen’s agreement between coaches for no fake punts. :wink:

Just put slots in the stadium