Sounds as if Cornelius will return for next season!


Great news.

Great news, the team needs some senior leadership.

The bad thing is I have a feeling his playing time will be drastically reduced, due to younger and better talent that now surrounds him.

Between Martin, Jackson, Warren, Jones, Barnes, and others, it’ll be hard to get a lot of PT, those guys are play makers.

I think Cornelius is a great talent, and he did the best thing to come back, because I didn’t see him getting drafted at all this year… Also I think he will ball out in this offense, he just has to get to a comfortable weight and stay there but the talent is there.

He can play with all those guys and probably will beat out half of them…

I thinkcornelius is a good receiver, he’s great in the slot and knows how to find holes in the defense. That said, he’s not as speedy or as physically gifted as the guys I mentioned. Experience is huge and he’s going to be a key player, but the talent at WR is a lot bette than it has been in the past!