Sounded like DVH is getting irritated

In his interview, it sounded like the lack of hitting is getting to him. He mentioned Fletcher’s body language, which is basically what I said during the California trip. But he said he could name them all. Older guys not coming through. Shaddy doesn’t look confident either.

Better get it together. Seems like every time we are picked high, we end up underwhelming. I’ve been looking forward to this season for a long time.

Anticipation is what making for fan disappointment. Team is playing well. Perhaps the best overall pitching we have had. Hard to get consistent at the plate when you play whiffle ball during the week and top-ranked pitching on weekends. It will settle soon and I expect good results.

I, and most fans (I’d think) are a little bit frustrated right now. In our 3 losses, we’ve seen several failures when the table was set. That’s going to happen sometime in baseball, no matter who is at the plate. But we’ve got to become more consistent. 32 and 18 runs is fine and dandy - but it does you no good when you’re a run or two short the next game.

Of one thing I am sure; DVH is going to light a fire under these upperclassmen, and they will either respond or be replaced by one of the several talented newcomers on this year’s team. There is a value to experience, but in the final analysis, production trumps all.

I haven’t given up on anyone yet. I remember, just last year, when Eric Cole was mired in a terrible slump for over a month. IIRC, he was batting about .130 or .140 five weeks into the season. But being the fundamentally good and talented player that he is, he turned it around and finished with a solid .282 average. It’s much, much earlier than that, and I expect Fletcher (and Shaddy, and Koch) to turn it around sooner than later.

Our freshmen position players have mostly played well, but they have made (predictably) a few freshmen errors. I don’t see that continuing too much longer. The experience they are getting in these high level non-conference games will serve us well once we get into SEC play.

I’m still very bullish on this team. Sure, I’m anxious to see them play more like the dominant team they can be on a more consistent basis. But i really do think they will.

It’s amazing how a win can change attitudes. The loss yesterday really disappointed me. Then it appeared we were going to “error our way” to a big loss today. Finally pulling out the win in the final inning, securing the series win, and likely a continued spot in the top 10 makes for a good week.

I can’t wait until the next game. I’m still (or again) optimistic about the season.

I just figured we would lose when it was 5-1 late innings.

BIG turn around for this team and the momentum and
the confidence that will carry forward.
What a comeback.

So happy for our Hogs. Smiles are sure better than looking
at the ground.

Long season to worry so much, especially when ranked in top 10

Of all the coaches on the Hill over the last ten years, I have more faith in DVH to maximize the talent than anyone. Pitching at any level is the longterm key and we have it barring a rash of injuries. DVH will have them hitting or they will sit and young talent will get the necessary experience for the long run of the season.

In his shoes, I would probably be a little irritated also. There are two or three veteran guys he was counting on big time who are looking like freshmen at the plate. One of those achieved some redemption yesterday in the ninth inning. Fletcher has one of those long, looping swings. When he is trying constantly to hit it out of the park, he is his own worst enemy. I would hope that our hitting coach could get him to compact his swing a little, keep his head down on the ball and consistently square it up (as coach said). I don’t know what is going on with Shaddy. He must be in the dog house big time. Coach used a right handed freshmen hitting .166 late in the game as a pinch hitter. It was a perfect spot for Shaddy to pinch hit. There’s more to this story. I blame Shaddy’s replacement for the first Arkansas error. He should have cut that throw from the outfield and threw it to home. Instead, he faked Gates out.

That game would have made a good Hollywood movie. It had that kind of a finish.

Here’s the thing you must remember, baseball is a game of failures. There is no other sport that you can stay in the lineup for failing 7 of 10 times, and sometimes failing 8 of 10 times. There are lots of times good hitters go on a .200 streak for a couple of weeks, then find it and go on a .400 streak and finish the season at around .290 and he’s called a very good player. That’s baseball.

The key is to not have several going through that at the same time.

As they say, “there is a lot of golf left…”