Sosa and the DL

The article on the team doing some community service work today quoted TJ Smith as naming Sosa as one of the leaders in the offseason work to date, which suggests he is coming back.

If Sosa does come back, that would be a big boost. I assume they probably will still rotate him some between DE/DT. If Guidry can get healthy that would also be a boost, as he has been very productive when the knee wasn’t acting up. Even without newcomers and redshirts(Nichols and Ferrell) the DT positions look to be in pretty good shape.

The really interesting thing will be who else besides Gerald and Sosa will play the DE positions. The redshirted Fulwilder and Alexander, and they have a whole bunch of talented recruits at the position. I think the end result is going to be a big improvement in DE play next year.

I would expect Sosa back, but I’d also expect him to be working out and going to classes either way.

Has Sosa got the NFL evaluation on his draft yet? If it is high enough, I would expect him to sign with an agent and concentrate on enhancing his performance at the combine. The fact he has not done so, implies he may have gotten a low projection and is hoping a better performance next year might bump that up significantly.

I don’t know Sosa at all. But all I have ever read is that he’s a good kid. Not perfect. But a good kid with a big heart. Am I correct?
As for him coming back…he has not had the kind of really great season I think he’s capable of…so he ought to come back in my eyes.

I thought the draft evaluations weren’t until January, but not sure on that.

was mentioned in a recent CCM presser.

Sosa definently needs to come back and have a breakout type offseason,needs to get stronger and quicker.had to tendency to stay on blocks this yr,He has great potential but DT is a beast and we need him to be a force to reckoned with next yr.

Is Agim a DE or a DT. At 6-2 286, is he too small to be a tackle in the NFL? Is he too slow or not athletic enough to be a DE? He seems to be a tweener, if you will. He did not dominate this year. He played okay, but he was not on any all-SEC teams.

Can a coach or someone who knows about this give us a summary on him? Does he need to gain 20 pounds of muscle or lose 20 lbs of weight to be at his best?

He hasn’t been the type of player we thought he might be, so far.

i think he played DT more but I agree we need to find a spot and put him there…I would think DE myself.

I am sure that he will at least get his draft info, which will tell him what the NFL believes that he needs to work on.

Draft projections due in 2-3 weeks.

Sosa likes to play defensive end, but NFL guys I know say he projects inside.

Agim was the highest rated Defensive lineman from Arkansas and in the top 3 or 4 national recruiting rankings depending which ranking service you looked at.
He has showed spurts of Elite talent over his career, but I believe the lack of coaching, development and being plugged into one position has stunted his growth.
Chief needs to put him in a spot and tell him to get to work, be a positive leader for this defensive unit next year and he should have success and improve his stock for NFL draft 2019.

Go Hogs!