Sosa and Rmasey need to play more

and more as DE


I agree with you guys. McTelvin Agim was a running back and defensive end in high school. Fast and mean for a guy his size. Why is he not playing defensive end? He would be much more disruptive at DE. Our pass rush this year at the DE spot has been negligible.

Totally agree. Was thinking the same thing Sunday. Ramsey adds a different skill set at DE bc of his speed. LSU seems to always have a true speed rush end that is disruptive.

We do need alot more speed on the field. Im just not sold on Ramsey being a DE at his weight. In limited action i have not seen him really stick out and make plays with his speed. SEC OT get their hands on him and he is done. Id rather see what he can do at LB.

I agree with Agim coming off the edge.

You haven’t seen him make plays in passing downs? I think he leads the team in sacks.

Absolutely agree, give the talent a chance to show it. I think they put Agim at tackle because of deficiencies there. He always seems to make plays. I do not know what happened to Wise, Johnson, Beanum, Roesler, Jackson ---- where are these guys ? Play Capps, Agim and Ramsey.

Being credited with a sack against La Tech and credited with .5 sack against TCU. Against Texas AM, Ole Miss, Bama…showing that he didn’t record any tackles or sacks. I’m not sure why with his athletic ability why he isn’t playing a different position or getting more minutes. In saying all that, if he can hit the QB consistently Ill take that too.

I think Ramsey fits better as an every down LB than a every down DE.

He would get beat up as an every down DE and that’s why he is usually there only on passing situations.

As for McTelvin, I have to trust the coaches who see him every day in practice.

Maybe he’ll be there after the open date, but if you take him out of the DT rotation than you have to have somebody step up to replace him.

We were told last year TJ Smith looked good as a newcomer …why can’t he step in to allow Agim to play end?

IMO Sosa is more of mismatch inside. His skill set kind of reminds me of Montravious Adams from Auburn.

I never said every down DE. I just think he needs to play more. He doesn’t play much at all and he’s one of the few guys we have who “pops”–i.e. Had speed and plays fast.

I see Ramsey out there a lot.

I know against Ole Miss he played 40 something snaps

Smith - a redshirt freshman - has played in three games this season and has four tackles with 1.5 TFL

It would appear that the coaches are more comfortable playing Ledbetter, Agim, Johnson, Jackson, Winston, Lewis and Capps ahead of him at this time.

And they feel better with Wise, Beanum, Roessler, Ramsey at DE

We’ll see if there are any changes after this bye

By the way, Ledbetter leads the team in sacks with 3.5, not Ramsey

As a whole he hasn’t played very much. Probably about 15-20% of the snaps.