Sosa Agim

According to Denver Bronco’s Coach Vic Fangio, Sosa Agim needs development. OK, exactly what does Agim need to develop and why did he not develop it during his UA career?


I guess that question would be for the Denver head Coach.

Google his Draft Profile and you can find out a great deal of information about what player evaluators had to say about the pros and cons of his best and worst traits as well as how he and every player projects at their position in the NFL.


This is a very important question. Most especially on how it affects recruiting. Granted, Agim’s lack of development was before CSP. But it is a reflection of the UA football program. CSP can point to his pair of UGA OT’s being selected high in the draft. But it would be wise of CSP to evaluate and correct whatever if anything is responsible for players not developing for the NFL. College recruits dream of making it to the league and are most attracted to programs which deliver like Bama, Georgia, LSU and others with numerous draft selections.


Looking at Hog teams the last few years, a lot of words could be used to describe the coaching… developmental would be way down the list.

Oh, Sam knows what he’s doing. Adding strength was his first step.

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