Sort of TN/AR Recruiting

It just hit me. When was the last time AR had a higher rated recruiting class than TN? It may have happened recently, but I don’t recall. For that matter, how about Ole Miss and MSU the last several years?

If those rankings are so correct and meaningful, how in the world did poor little AR dominate mighty TN recruits in the second half like that.

How did they play at the very least even with Auburn or own MSU and Ole Miss?

A&M has had several good classes and it showed. I imagine it will show at FL and almost certainly at Bama. But then there is LSU with top 5 classes every year. Looked like it last year, but not this year so far. Probably will put it together for us.


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IMO it is important for the Hogs to sign all of the strong 2022 class prospects - we need to be able to get every kid we want within the states borders

Coaching and having the better QB.

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