Sort of paying attention to Suckeyes-Michigan

They are run heavy. The passing this game has been from blown coverages

Two straight top 10 wins for the Poultry. Gotta hand it to Junior Beamer.


When you get good or almost good Rattler you can do a lot


And we beat them comfortably…


Timing is everything. They would smoke us now



MI Smoking them

What is that, four very long TDs for U-M now?

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Yeah. I think 4 over 45

Miscounted. FIVE over 45 (69 pass, 75 pass, 45 pass, 75 run, 85 run).

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Harbaugh is a hell of a coach

57-yard FG miss sure doesn’t matter now. Good for Michigan. I hate the Buckeyes too.

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A lot of people were ready to run him off two years ago (2-4 in the COVID season). Now he’s probably going to be in the CFP two straight years.

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Wow another int

I just started watching the game, and I’ve not watched a lot of Michigan football this year, but he apparently has eschewed the spread offense and running more conventional, pro-style offense with big linemen and tight ends. That may be the kind of football Sam would really like to play, if he thought it would get the job done. And I suppose if he thought he could get the kind of players that can run it. That could be the big challenge.

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MI secondary is catching the int. We tended to drop them

Michigan says to OSU “Who’s ya Daddy”


I think you can absolutely forget Stroud for Heisman now.

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I don’t like either one, period. 2 games might explain my thoughts.