Sorry to say this

But the portal and NIL has made players look out what’s best for Them not what’s best the team. It’s getting to the point college football is just like the NFL!

Is Dowell Loggains looking out for what’s best for him? Or what’s best for Arkansas?


It’s worse than the NFL. NFL players are grown men with contracts.

As it is, the inmates are running the asylum in college athletics.


Continues to amaze me how offended people get that athletes are actually getting compensated now. I can imagine the posts if the internet had existed in, oh, 1866.

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They have learned from the people they have been conditioned to look up to - coaches.

They have watched coaches all over the country leave prior to bowl games for new jobs chasing the almighty$$$$$$$.

Why should they be held to a higher standard than the adults that mentor them?

I’m losing interest fast. At least basketball players are finishing the season. The NCAA better come up with some solutions. I’d be good with ALL transfers sitting out a year unless the HEAD coach leaves.


Can’t see that flying legally as it would be a restraint on trade.

Now do they put in requirements in NIL deals with penalties for leaving before a bowl game etc? I definitely can see that coming.

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Do you think there should be similar restrictions for coaches - should they be able to leave before bowl games?

Great question here. Many jobs are opening earlier now so the new guy can get there and place his guys on the ground to hit the portal recruiting here

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Absolutely - and the same for kids looking to leave. Better get you a chair before the music stops.

Simple solution seems to be for the NCAA to move some deadlines around to where you can’t enter the portal until after Christmas or Jan 1.

Kids should have to forfeit some scholarship money as well if they leave before a pre-determined date. Got to fulfill your obligations, just like the recipients of academic scholarships have to keep their grades at a certain level or risk losing their scholarship.

The issue isn’t whether the kids should be allowed to move as they see fit. The issue is whether this has anything to do with education at this point. Men’s football and basketball are state supported semi-pro sports.

Why shouldn’t they? The coaches and administrators are looking out for themselves. Why should the players be the only loyal ones who aren’t mostly worried about their bottom line?

And I’m sorry to say this. Most people don’t give a damn if these kids get an education or not. It’s “Keep my fat rear end entertained!”. University Education was onced highly prized as a way to escape generational or elevate yourself to a new level. As I said before, it’s nice our university shares NIL money with other sports and athletes. But that can’t be said about most other Universities. Most of the athletes at other schools won’t see a dime in NIL money.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the college football fanbase. I suspect the younger generation will embrace the constant fluidity of the rosters and the lack of any real alignment with the school. I suspect the older generation, like myself, will basically just stop following them as closely as they used to.

I know I’m there now, watch 'em, root for them but don’t really get as emotionally involved as I used to. Definitely not monetarily involved as once was either.

Lot’s of changes coming I’m sure, probably no education involvement and if so maybe on the player’s dime since they’re employees. Or that could be a perk… lot’s of options.

Change is inevitable but growth is optional.

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Unless given a release by the school they are under contract with, yes.

What exactly would they be forfeiting? That money is primarily being paid out on a semester by semester basis, with most if not all the money being paid out in the first few weeks of the semester. There’s little if any money left to forfeit, and nothing will get paid for the coming semesters where they will be enrolled elsewhere.

I grew up watching MLB after free agency became a thing. It never occurred to me to be less of a fan because the player I was rooting for this year in St. Louis, was playing for the Braves the next year. Don’t get me wrong, I got “mad” at players for leaving, but it didn’t stop me from liking the Cards.

I did hear older fans complaining about it. I have heard presentations about how being a pro sports fan just means you are rooting for a logo. The coaches change, the players change. Nether the coaches nor the players have any loyalty to the team, the city or the fans.

That said, and maybe just because it is now a change (and all change is hard), I wonder if 59 year old me am going to be able to just “root for the logo” at the college level? Maybe. I will say that one thing that makes that some what easer to do at the college level, is that we have, of course, always had players that came and went. The longest a player could stay would be 4 years of playing.

I don’t know.

And I fully get the whole “coaches can leave any time they want, why can’t players.” And I fully get players getting paid for the NIL But I also get Hockey, but don’t watch it or care if a given team wins or loses. I get NASCAR, but don’t care who wins and who doesn’t, don’t watch it.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing last couple years, players get their feelings hurt and they pick up the toys and go home, exactly as Coaches have done. A man’s word is all he’s got at the end of the day. Good post! WPS

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