Sorry insiders but

can yall spice it up some? We’re in the middle of a coaching search and it ain’t nothing on here. Play true or false or something. Get creative, my goodness…

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Sorry, but we report the news, and as of right now there has been very little newsworthy on the coaching search front.

There are a lot of websites that use coaching searches as a way to drive up their traffic and build subscribers. We don’t do that. You can trust that when we have something newsworthy to tell, you’ll know.

This is not like a normal coaching search when candidates begin to emerge almost immediately. This search is not going to pick up until after the final games of the regular season are played.


I think it was R D who suggested that he was hearing a new coach might be named shorty after the completion of the Missouri game. It this is true it would seem to narrow the list somewhat because it seems unlikely that a coach of a team going to a bowl game would jump ship. Am I wrong with this assumption?

If there is an announcement shortly after the Missouri game which coaches would seem to be more logical candidates?

Would not limit the list of candidates based on their teams going to a bowl game. Most coaches who have decided to change teams will do so after their last regular season game and an interim coach handling bowl game duties.

Think he is referring to conference championship games

Agree that seems to be the formula ( coach of bowl bound team takes job and asst coach handles bowl game ) and that seems to work for some of these names being mentioned but it seems to me that the more significant the bowl the more unlikely that a coach might not want to do that. Also seems to eliminate coaches involved in conference championship games but not sure who that might be. Not to say that such would not happen but I could see it be the deciding factor for some coaches.

My choice is Pittman and I would think that he would obviously be able to immediately accept. I would also think that it would not be a problem for Leach and I am just guessing but probably not a problem for Kiffin. Campbell and Norvell might do it but seems to me that it would be a much more difficult decision for them.

Just something that I was thinking about and wondered what others thought.

Are any of the coaches on our short list with teams that are playing in conference championship games or major bowls?

Pittman is a good OL coach & recruiter, but no OC or HC experience. After our bad experience with CCM with minimal HC experience & at best an OC, doubt Pittman would be considered.
Ok with Campbell, Kiffin, Fuente, or Norvell.
Leach is another risky hire. Always being the underdog & sometimes the spoiler team does not seem to be a big upgrade for Arkansas. He is 59, more unhinged that ever, & blames his players for their lack of success so don’t see enough upside.

Norvell and Fickell likely yes on conference title games. Kiffin and Fuente as well.

Campbell and Leach will not be in title games.

Would Clay Helton be s serious candidate if he is let go by USC?

I don’t know. That’s an interesting thought, though. I didn’t know much about his background until you posted this. He spent a long time in Memphis and a year in Jonesboro.

Seems to be a great recruiter. Players seem to like to play for him. Has had success with quarterbacks. Has a great coaching staff including Graham Harrell as his OC. Fayetteville might be a nice change of scenery.

Shortly is pretty vague. I think most expect a hire after the Mizzou game. Morris was hired on Dec. 6 and Bielema on Dec. 4.

FWIW, you hear things on a daily basis. The vast majority of it not solid enough to post.

8 to 9 wins is not good enough for Arkansas? Leach holds his players accountable, they obviously respect him or else they would quit like our players did for CCM.

What about the Lane train not leaving the station?

A source mentioned him last night and indicated there’s movement there but I’m not ready to say that’s 100% true.

Choo choo!

I think he was saying more there were grumblings that he wasn’t coming.

I’m feeling hard-headed today. Is this potential movement away from Arkansas or toward it?

Yes away. That’s why I said the Lane Train wasn’t leaving the station (at least headed to NWA)