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Thanks Jimmy!! Gus never wanted to come home. Gus has always been about Gus

If I never see or hear your name again will be fine with me… THE END

Sexton is doing his job which is to get what his client wants. Ark made a serious bid to get Gus and it did not work out. Now it is time to close this chapter for good and find a new AD and football coach for the hogs. It appears the top candidates are still in play but the BOT\ Admn may be divided on the path forward. I would add that Kiffin likely takes the place of Gus in the new four. Sexton is agent for all of these too. I would be surprised if Strong or Sumlin are at top of the list.

I would say that the Arkansas brand as a program is not at the level of many of the schools that we like to compare ourselves too but with the right hire (which has not always been in our DNA) could turn around the situation just like it did with Bobby P. However, all of those four guys have pros and cons, but they can coach.

Watching the weekend championship games , contrary to Coach B’s coach speak , we are not close. Those teams are well coached in all areas as a rule with some being very good on offense or defense. We need a solid football coach. I see Gus and Norvell are making in home visits to our recruits on Sunday. Time to get coach in place and get started rebuilding the program. Time for fan base to unite as we have work to do.

I think the names listed as AD are all capable but each has their pros and con as well.