Sorry if it offends anyone

But Blair did us a solid today. I have to think he was pointed in that direction by the coaching staff. This coupled with Woodard will allow us to sign the twin LB’s from Fla.


I think Blair is leaving so he can play as a senior. Woodard is on scholarship and played quite a bit in bowl game. This has to be some sort of surprise to staff on him leaving.

I guess someone should ask the coaching staff. Blair should be thanked for his contributions and assistance in finding a good spot to finish out his collegiate career, His numbers tell his story - he can tackle and will stick his head in to stop the run…If Arkansas had experienced four and five performers behind him he could be an asset where his coverage performance can be compensated by others. Someone mentioned UAPB as a possibility. If he wants playing time that might be a portal destination.

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Blair, from PB, started as a walkon. He finished calling defensive signals in the Liberty Bowl amid a hugely depleted defense. And, our team won.

I’m truly amazed we won without our 2 starting LBs; one a likely first rounder.

Thanks and wps.


Blair from Dollarway Pine Bluff. A fine young man from a terrific family.


Those two guys played more in that game than they were likely too in any game next season, barring injuries or another bowl where the numbers are way down. I think this staff, with the possible exception of Hornsby, has been pretty good about telling players where they stand going into the following season and the probability that new guys are being brought in at their position who are likely to be above them on the depth chart.

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Blair has now hit the portal.

I think so as well. The toughest part of their job now, pre-portal these conversations likely did not occur very often

No doubt more of that is going on but I laugh when I see this as Nick Saban was master of turning the roster over years ago by pulling scholarships. He did back it up by recruiting better players so existing ones saw it for themselves and knew what they had to do (Coach Prime is doing same). Saban was not considered a visionary. but he was focused on doing what it took to win. More communication is better with players(like most things and jobs) and I think Pittman has done that but probably still surprised by some of the actions regardless.

Players, future players, their parents and their entourages all talk to each other through social media and more personal conversations. If word gets around that a staff will deceive a guy about his real chances of starting down the line/new player acquisition at his position, that is going to hurt that staff’s credibility with recruits/portal entrants. It’s better for the player and the program for the staff to be upfront and helpful with players about their likely future with the team. You have fewer malcontents in the locker room and you get the opportunity to bring in better talent and create more competition for playing time for the next season.

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Will always appreciate Blair for his want to, leadership, and maximum effort.

Great Hog in many respects.


Agree with you on these points, he wasn’t blind to his lack of speed and quickness for his position, but he gave effort and leadership to help his team as much as he could.


Watching Blair calling the sets in the Liberty Bowl was a thing of beauty. I wonder if he goes into coaching.

LDhog, did you see the quote from Odom a few weeks ago saying that Blair should become a coach when his playing days are over?

I did not see that but it’s no surprise. He has been a coach on the field. Could not ask for more from him….he gave it his all.

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